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  • Hungarian version of FiveThirtyEight age estimator

    I tried to reproduce the FiveThirtyEight age estimator with Hungarian data. The methodology is quite the same. Unfortunately there is no as accurate database as the US version use. In […]

  • Life without Shiny #1: Tableau

    I just wondered what about the competitors of Rstudio Shiny. At first I would say I really like Shiny and I also absolutely a big fan of R. This is […]

  • Strange bug when You use Plotly on Your own server

    I used my Shiny apps only locally and only with in the past, but now I’ve got a VPS. When I migrated my previous apps to the VPS I […]

  • Free data sources from

    Sometimes its hard to find good data source when You make some side projects especially when You want to use survey data. I found an interesting site called There […]

  • Where to find and how to use NUTS2 level maps in R

    There are many opportunities to find maps which are good for R, also You can easily find country level maps. TIP1: GADM database + basic plot function For example GADM […]