how to install and setup Virtualbox on Manjaro

1. First install Virtualbox itself:

sudo pacman -S virtualbox

2. After the first startup You may get this error message:

“Kernel driver not installed (rc=-1908)”

2.1. To fix this, at first check which Kernel do You have:

uname -r

2.2. And then run this commands If You have e.g. kernel 4.14

sudo pacman -S linux414-virtualbox-host-modules
sudo modprobe vboxdrv

2.3. Finally restart Virtualbox

3. Install Guest additions on VM:

3.1. Click to Devices/Insert Guest Additions CD Images and go through the whole process (it will reboot the system finally) (Optional recommendation: set Drag and Drop & Shared Folders to ‘Bidirectional’)

4. Close the VM and set the default shared folders (also it is recommended setup a pendrive as a shared folder if You want to access both on VM and physical one) :

4.1. Settings/Shared Folders/Adds new shared folder:

Folder path: path of the folder You want to share with VM (e.g. /media/user/stuffs) Folder name: whatever you want (Auto-mount has to be ticked!)

5. Enable to switch between workspaces with CTRL+ALT+ARROW hotkey:

File/Preferences/Input: deselect ‘Auto Capture Keyboard’ option

6. Open VirtualBox to second workspace automatically after startup (Gnome specific solution):

6.1. Install Auto Move Windows Extension 6.2. Open Tweaks and navigate to Extensions/Auto move windows then add a new rule:

select ‘Oracle VM VirtualBox’ from the list workspace: 2