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  • Detailed introduction of “myprettyreport” R package

    Package introduction: Package myprettyreport helps to export ggplot2 graphs into a good-looking PDF file in a clear and easy way with a wide range of flexibility. It has a modular […]

  • Redmine tips #1: Using ‘Watch’ button to gather important issues

    Introduction: Redmine is a great tool to organize tasks and do the project management stuff. As soon as we have learnt the basic usage of it, it seems that it […]

  • Analyse Redmine data with the package redmineR

    Introduction: Redmine is a great tool to organize tasks. It has many built in functions like spent time report but also there are many limitations. Thanks to the package redmineR […]

  • Dealing with missing data when subsetting values

    Introduction: Working with data frames can be tricky at first. For example it seems to be very logical especially for a not really experienced R users to manage the rows […]

  • Connect MySQL database with DBeaver through SSH

    Aim: The aim of this post is to create a straightforward tutorial how to connect to a server MySQL database with DBeaver through SSH. Prerequisites: DBeaver (version 5.0.1) has already […]

  • valueBox without ShinyDashboard

    Aim of the Fuction: Reproduce the valueBox function From ShinyDashboard package with almost the same functionality. This function becomes usable without loading ShinyDashboard package and without using the required dashboard […]

  • how to install and setup Virtualbox on Manjaro

    1. First install Virtualbox itself: sudo pacman -S virtualbox 2. After the first startup You may get this error message: “Kernel driver not installed (rc=-1908)” 2.1. To fix this, at […]

  • Basic Ubuntu commands for RStudio Shiny users

    RStudio Shiny is a great tool to create interactive reports and dashboards for R users. There are many ways to publish the results, e.g. is a free online platform […]

  • Shiny plots PDF export

    Sometimes it is useful to build a pdf export option into a Shiny app. I built a basic app at first (every important notes was included as comment) to show […]

  • Forecast Hungarian higher education data in R

    I had to forecast the further number of enrolled students in the Hungarian higher education sphere. I did the whole job in R of course. In Hungary the most important […]